Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a true “working” board.  Each director is engaged in the operations, planning, and management of the Duluth Festival Opera.  Each brings to the organization specialized talents and experience in every aspect of the organization from finance to marketing to development to programming to public relations and to artistic direction.  Our board represents a true cross section of our audience and is socio-economically and generationally diverse.

Craig Fields

Angelica Fryberger

Robert Fryberger

Kay Gower

Jim Heffernan

Dr. Robert LaCosse

Pam Moore

Reverend David Mesner

Marti Buscaglia

Honorary Trustees

Kathleen Dwan, Rondi Erickson, Helena Jackson, Markand Thakar, and Jeanne Vecchi.

Collegiate Liaisons

Edward Jacobson is a student at the University of Notre Dame studying music history.

Regional Liaisons

Mary Jo Jess:  Grand Rapids, Minnesota; Kathryn Jensen, Bayfield, Wisconsin; Nina Van Gelder and Sara Skelton, Ely, Minnesota; Melanie Weston, Virginia, Minnesota.